Dealer Services

NextGear Capital has the cutting-edge technology and industry-leading customer service to empower dealers to floor plan vehicles from virtually anywhere, at any time. NextGear Capital dealers enjoy access to more pricing options than ever before, including customized lines of credit built especially for their dealership needs.

Inventory Finance

NextGear Capital customers can receive customized floor plan lines of credit tailored to their needs. They can use their NextGear Capital line of credit for a variety of inventory purchases, including:

  • Retail
  • Wholesale
  • Salvage
  • Specialty Products (Recreational Vehicles, Trailers, Marine, Powersports (Used), Heavy Trucks (Used), Auto – Salvage and Auto – Daily Rental)
Records Management and Title Services

NextGear Capital customers have access to our best-in-class Records Management Services. Our secure shipping hub currently handles more than 1.6 million transactions annually, and our records vault has the capacity to hold more than 1 million documents. 

NextGear Capital's customers' title documents are secured and protected from fire, theft and misfiling. Upon receipt, titles and records are scanned, validated, and made available for immediate viewing online or via mobile device.

NextGear Capital Records Management offers you:

  • Overnight shipping of titles to auctions upon request.
  • Same day title release to dealers via overnight mail.
  • Real-time online status updates with every title transaction.
  • Additional title processing services in select markets.
Mobile Floor Plan and Online Account Management

Since your business never stops moving, NextGear Capital is with you 24/7 via our mobile floor plan app and powerful online account services. Floor plan vehicles, from virtually anywhere, at any time! View your inventory, titles and pending transactions throughout your workday, from your office or on your smartphone.

Your online account management tools empower you to:

  Online Smartphone app
View credit availability
VIN barcode scanning and speech-to-text for bookout* and floor planning  
Make payments
Schedule future payments  
Floor plan vehicles
View title packet images
View floored vehicle information and title status  
Create and view reports  
View Collateral Protection information  
Push notifications  

Universal Source Network

Sourcing inventory has never been easier. NextGear Capital is accepted at over 1,000 auctions/inventory sources across North America. Our network of universal sources continues to expand as we strive to increase your buying power. Your NextGear Capital line of credit integrates seamlessly with a number of universal auction sources resulting in an efficient sale day experience.

View a current listing of Universal Sources:


Additional Flooring Services – Specific Sources

In an effort to provide you with multiple flooring options and remove the hassle of buying inventory, NextGear Capital offers floor planning through our Specific Source network. Maximize your floor plan with these additional sourcing opportunities:

  • Loan payoffs
  • Trade-ins
  • Off-street purchases
  • Dealer owned inventory
  • Rollovers from other lenders
  • Dealer-to-dealer purchases

For more information, email: fundingservices@nextgearcapital.com.
Or fax 877.874.0721

Collateral Protection

NextGear Capital offers its customers a competitively priced Collateral Protection Program (CPP). The NextGear Capital CPP covers physical damage to NextGear Capital financed inventory.*

Physical damage resulting from:

  • Flood, earthquake, windstorm, hail, theft, vandalism, fire and lightning
  • Collision (including upset or overturn)

If you would like more information about NextGear Capital's CPP, please contact the NextGear Capital CPP department.

Phone: 800.815.8280
Fax: 866.924.4525
Email us at: collateralprotection@nextgearcapital.com

*Certain limitations apply. Contact your NextGear Capital CPP representative  for complete details, terms and conditions. Principle exclusions include vehicles under rental or lease agreement; salvage vehicles; employee dishonesty; property rented, leased or sold to conditional buyer; bodily injury, loss or damage to vehicles or property of others; acid rain, rust or other corrosive action or pollutants; financial loss resulting from delay or depreciation; war or military action; nuclear events; governmental seizure; prospective profit; false pretense; or mechanical wear or tear. This list is not all-inclusive. Please see the NextGear Capital CPP rules and guidelines for a complete list of exclusions.